Whole Family Empowerment



Imagine knowing the essence of your internal spark.  That core of you that’s synced with your soul knows exactly who you are, why you are here and how you are meant to be of service.

Imagine being in alignment with that inner spark every day, seeing your family, friends, challenges and larger world from that expanded perception.

Imagine experiencing whole system peace, balance, joy and abundance in all areas in ways that are both real and liberating.

Imagine surrendering into your life knowing you are being supported, guided, and activated by your soul family at all times. 

Imagine living into your bliss and being of greater service to the more beautiful world we know is emerging.

All of this is possible!   There's no better time than now to step out of density, and drama with open eyes, heart and soul for whole system alignment. 

Upcoming Workshop:  EFT For Parents 


There is a sacred Repatterning happening right now! Rewiring our hearts, minds,  collective consciousness and even Gaia herself.  Are you ready to consciously contribute? 



My name is Karen Murphy. 

I support families overwhelmed and exhausted by the challenges of living the awakened life.  

Those seeking to: 

  • Heal heartache
  • Dissolve old stories & patterns
  • Be in conscious partnership with their bodies, partners, children, and communities
  • and Resource themselves in ways that resonate

Together, we:

  • Clear emotional and energetic blocks
  • Energetically re-pattern 
  • and Re-align you to your Higher-Self Awareness

The Result? 

New Energy, Confidence, Tools & Strategies to Live life your your terms, and BE

  • Resilient in the face of challenge
  • Empowered in your Truth
  • and On Track to Evolve into the Highest and Best Versions of Yourself.

Here's to our collective evolution!

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  • Karen Murphy Coaching

    “Karen holds the most sacred of containers for energy work and major soul growth and transformation. Her intuition and insights are dead on. I can’t recommend this amazing soul and more highly.
    Run, don’t walk to learn and grow with her.”

  • Karen Murphy Coaching

    “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp

  • Karen Murphy Coaching

    “This is a fantastic recommendation!”

    CEO, John Doe Corp

  • Karen Murphy Coaching

    “My session with Karen was a game changer for me and my children.. I can't believe how much was accomplished in one session and am looking forward to more. Karen's gifts are deeply needed on the planet right now.”

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