Transform Triggers to Treasure!


Courses, Resouces & Energy Tools  to  

Increase Emotional Intelligence, Self-Regulation & Soul-level Alignment for your whole family











My name is Karen Murphy. 

I support aware, soul inspired parents overwhelmed and exhausted by the challenges of raising kids today.  

Parents seeking to: 

  • yell less
  • connect deeper
  • guide more effectively
  • and resource themselves in ways that resonate

Together, through my courses and sessions we:

  • Clear emotional and energetic blocks
  • Energetically re-pattern
  • and Re-align you to your Higher-Self Awareness

The Result? 

New Energy, Confidence, Tools & Strategies to Raise Children to be: 

  • Resilient in the face of challenge
  • Strong in their Truth
  • and On Track to grow into the Highest and Best Versions of themselves.

Here's to your family evolution!

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Aspire to raise happy, resilient, connected kids?

I invite you to join my community & receive a gift of my Parenting for Emotional Intelligence Mini Course!






"Karen's course perfectly combined the different concepts and tools in a way that deeply resonated with how I truly want to support my kids .  Her offerings are ideal for parents who don't resonate with the current cultural parenting paradigm."

Manijeh Baxter





  • “My session with Karen was a game changer for me and my children.. I can't believe how much was accomplished in one session and am looking forward to more. Karen's gifts are deeply needed on the planet right now.”