Akashic Alignment Readings

Getting aligned with your Soul level True Essence as revealed in your Akashic Records has the potential to:

Open your eyes to your Big Why for being here on Planet Earth

Streamline your Decisions and Choices Going Forward,

Expand your Awareness about the True Nature of your Relationships

Unlock Abundant Flows of Creative Energy &

Create Positive Karma in all your Endeavors!  


About the Readings

An Akashic Alignment Reading Includes:

Your Akashic Reading & Energy Clearing via MP3 Audio File & a 30 Minute One on One Session.

Karen will use your Name, Birth Date, and Birth Location to access your Akashic Records

and will create an Audio File of your Reading. 

You can expect email delivery of your Akashic Reading file within 5-7 days of purchase. 

Within that email you'll receive a link to schedule your one on one virtual session. 

Once you have received your Soul Profile Reading & Clearing there are three additional

Akashic Reading sessions for deeper awareness.  

Soul Profile Reading & Energy Clearing

A Soul Profile Reading aligns you to your Divine Energy and includes insight about the Soul Purpose, Gifts, and Energetic Resources you're bringing to this life adventure.

Awakening to this insight supports the development of your inner balance, self-confidence and sense of security within this big, often complex, shifting playground.

This knowledge also shines light on the path forward to be of service, true to your mission and in alignment with your soul path with deeper insight and awareness.

Additionally, this Reading includes a clearing of karmic blocks and trapped emotions causing clutter in your mental, emotional and physical fields.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1 - What is the Akashic Record?

The term Akashic is derived from the Sanskrit word "Akasha", meaning "ether".  Your Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness outside of time and space that contains the energetic records of every human experience you've had on your soul journey.

Question #2 - How will this impact my daily life?

Understanding deeper layers of yourself at soul level can be incredibly eye-opening and shift your worldview.  Blinders hindering your vision and causing indecision can dissipate and your choices will be much more streamlined and clear.  Additionally the energetic clearing will bring any current energetic disruptions that can show up as a mental, emotional or physical imbalance back in to alignment. 

Question #3 - What if I'm enjoying the mystery & want to discover myself on my own?

There is much to discover & experience on the journey. Rest assured there are no spoilers in an Akashic Reading if you don't want them.  Receiving this session is the equivalent of being handed a compass to guide your adventure forward with more inner confidence, awareness & insight.  How you utilize the knowledge will determine the next layers of yourself to be discovered.  There are always next layers!

Question #4 - Can I purchase this session as a gift for someone else?

Yes! This session would make a fabulous gift.  However, before purchasing it's important to share this page and information about the reading with the recipient so that they're fully on board with the reading ahead of time.  You can also add-on a reading for your child age 1-12 years for $60.  Look for this option on the order form.  Please ask children age 8 and above for their consent.

Soul Realignment Akashic Readings Include: 

Two Mp3 Audio Files of your Akashic Reading & Karmic Clearing  ----  Emailed to you within 10-15 days after purchase

Access to an Akashic Alignment learning center which includes and Introduction Audio, Soul Realignment Self-Coaching Workbook and additional integration resources.  ----  Immediate access 

One post-reading 30 minute virtual Zoom call with Karen to support your integration  ---- To be scheduled after you receive your audio files


  • “My session with Karen was a game changer for me and my children. I see them in a whole new light and am able to align myself more easily with our true roles together on this planet. Instead of questioning myself, I can now anchor into their truth of their souls and mine, and ask myself what I want to do from that place. I can't believe how much was accomplished in one session and am looking forward to more. Karen's gifts are deeply needed on the planet right now.”

  • “I have received one Akashic Record session with Karen and walked away truly connected more deeply to myself. Things I had been feeling were validated, the new directions I've been afraid to move were given support and I finally accept who I am and my actual purpose and place on this planet. I would unequivocally recommend her to anyone, as she can meet you where you are and hold your hand during any phase of the awakening process. ”


About Karen,

Hello, my name is Karen Murphy.  I'm an energy integration practitioner and empowerment coach.  I love supporting the evolution of inner alignment, personal re-parenting, and family transformation through my energy healing work, courses and programs. 

I'm here to nurture & hold space for the emergence of a world where there is spaciousness and support for everyone to be their truth, bring their light and grow into the highest and best versions of themselves.

Thank you for saying YES to knowing deeper layers of yourself!

Karen Murphy Coaching


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