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About Me

My name is Karen Murphy.  I'm a certified energy integration EFT & Matrix Reimprinting practitioner and Mindful Parent Coach. 

I love supporting the evolution of inner alignment, personal re-parenting, and family transformation through my energy healing work and parenting courses and programs. 

A few more things to know about me . . . 

I’ve got LOTS of Virgo in my chart.  Which means that I’m in heaven when I can learn something new and immediately turn around and teach, share, or facilitate it for someone else.  

Also, I have a hummingbird nature.  I naturally dive deep into a teaching, modality,  or awareness, integrate core nectar and move onto the next gorgeous flower calling to me.  This has resulted in many amazing experiences, teachers, trainings, and certifications - all of which I’ve bundled into my practice and programs to benefit you.

And, I'm a mama to 2 amazing kids who continue to keep me on my toes every day! (enjoy our pic below :) 

171018_Karen Murphy_072.jpg

Are Your Kids are Calling you to Evolve!

What if, your child's triggering behavior was a signal to up level your parenting approach and shift the programming getting in the way of the true emotional connection they need?  

Human consciousness is evolving and our parenting methods need to evolve right alongside.  Our children are calling us to action!

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